Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some of her favorite Things

So I have been recording, literally writing down this daily for your reading pleasure.
Every morning Eden has a ritual it goes something like this:

First, She rises before the sun, I think she likes to go to sleep when its light out and wake up when its dark, or maybe she has a standing daily competition with the sun to be up first. Not sure, and not a fan. At least 99% of the time she dozes back off and we take her back to her bed a.k.a. the "tent" (it's the bed on the bottom of the bunk surrounded by blankets) :)
Secondly, for some reason she has a GREAT attachment to about 8 different random objects each day. The only 2 objects that have made the cut repeatedly are her paci and her blanket, now the blanket is not a cute small one but the big one made for a twin bed, and well, the Paci..that is whole different post for a different day. Can I just say...gross.

So here are some of the objects that made it into our bed this week at the crack of dawn:
- stuffed panda, dog, penguin,
-2 different Barbies
- fake food
- 7 books, of ALL sizes
- Little People Tractor
- long sleeve shirt (was she really going through her drawers at 5 in the morning!)
- Little People animals
- A Lego house..yes, the whole project got thrown onto me
- A Burger King crown
- 1 My Little Pony
- different plush Nativity characters
- coloring book from the Post Office
-pink ribbon
-empty sippy cups
and last but not least 3 pillows and a stroller, YES, a baby doll stroller!

Anyone else have a child with strange pre-dawn hoarding tendencies?

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