Saturday, December 25, 2010

Flannel Graph Jesus (forgot to post)

We have been blessed with many church families who support us in so many unique ways. The Ladies of Columbus Bible, MI sent our little Sunday school kids some felt Bible characters and a board. I was able to use the Nativity scene for Novie and Eden last night as Andy read the Christmas story. We read through the story, placed the characters at the appropriate time, prayed, and shared about what Jesus had done for us this past year. After we had finished the girls and I were talking about all the details surrounding the birth of Christ. We've recently had 2 staff lady friends have babies in the past 2 months. We talked about how baby Jesus was tiny just like Jacob and Bence but that Mary and Joseph did not have cute clothes to wrap him in but had to dress him in little strips of cloth and put him in a feeding trough, "like Pocahontas' water?" kinda but bigger and yuckier from cows and donkeys. We talked about how there was no room for Baby Jesus in any body's house, how Mary did not have a nice hospital or kind nurse to help her, ( or that magic red button when pressed takes all the pain away.)

We talked about how the Wise Men traveled years to find baby Jesus and when they found him he was Eden's size and they brought him expensive, precious gifts. "What did they bring Jesus?" "Golds!" what else? "Cents!" That's right Frankincense, and what else? "Kitties", that was from Eden :). and Myrrh. "What's a myrrh mommy?...hmmm, so we googled it :) I wonder how accurate this definition is?

Novie decided she wanted Santa to bring her some myrrh. Good thing she forgot about it this morning :) As my two girls asked questions surrounding the birth of Christ it brought tears to my eyes...I cannot imagine what Mary went through..after delivering children how could you possibly imagine doing it in the conditions she did it in....not only that but he is the Saviour of the world. The most humble birth recorded in history is the man who sacrificed himself for us. There were no doctors, nurses, monitors to check heart rates and contractions, and NOTHING was sterile at all. Think of the bugs, rotting hay, animal poopy the list of germs is endless.
This humble birth was by my Saviour.
He would be most loved, passionately hated, tortured, worshipped, wrongly accused, and murdered.
He would heal, raise the dead, control weather and Rise again!
How exciting to know He is also returning soon for us, His chosen children.
I cannot imagine that night in the stable that our Saviour was birthed,
Silent Night, I doubt it, Holy Night, definitely.

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