Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colors of the Rainbow, Sickies vs. The Plague

Yesterday Novie woke up with a loud "Mommy! I need to blow my nose!!" Very Loudly and too early. We handed the tissue off and were greeted with a squishy filled Kleenex appropriate for a doctor and mommy's visions only. So we made a doctor's visit and left with 4 different medicines. What?! seems a bit over board, I can only pray and trust the doc as I watch my husband mix the medicines himself. I guess he woke up and instantly had a Pharmaceutical Medicinal Degree? who knew?... so the rest of the day was spent with 2 hyper little girls who had NO signs of being sick.."so why the rush to the doctor over one squishy tissue?"
Last year we had The Plague. No not Bubonic but I deemed the name sufficient for what we went through last Holiday Season. Andy woke up Thanksgiving day about ready to fall over..but because he is the sweet wonderful husband he is he pressed on for the pure chaos the day would bring. 20 of us gathered at a friend's house to Give Thanks all the while Andy was begging to Get Rest. That day began The Plague's vicious cycle. We made weekly doctor's visit for both girls and Andy. We went through pneumonia, bronchitis and bronchialitus, also Novie had a slight case of Chicken Pox, about 3 lice scares (still praise the Lord for his mercy in that department) believe it or not I would RATHER any day have The Plague, than Creepy Crawlies, there were numerous colds. countless coughs, sniffles, flues, pukes, and no sleep nights.. for 5 straight weeks. Andy lost over 30lbs on his pneumonia diet, while I gained eating bread and cereal in between the cleaning and laundry sickness seems to bring. soooo, all this to say...we are paying the doctor a visit for every colored Kleenex we see in the next 3 months. Happy Winter and Happy "Sickies" Season. May the Lord bless us and you with perfect health this season!

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